Ice Mountain

Book trailer for the book Ice Mountain
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Words, voice, camera: Dave Bonta
add. footage: Jan Eerala
Concept, add. camera, grading, editing & Music: Swoon

Ice Mountain: An Elegy
by Dave Bonta
with illustrations by Elizabeth Adams

Aldo Leopold once observed that “one of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.” In Ice Mountain: An Elegy, poet and naturalist Dave Bonta invites us to share this solitude. In spare, linked verses informed by decades of close study of his home ground, he chronicles the slow end of winter on a mountaintop in central Pennsylvania, part of a landscape subtly but profoundly shaped by the last Ice Age. With climate change accelerating, how many more years will we get to appreciate a true Appalachian spring?

But our ham-fisted efforts to address global warming also come with a price, and Bonta laments the damage done by installing a wind plant on the neighboring ridge—Ice Mountain. Looking both inward and outward, this is a poetry too honest to take refuge in easy solutions but too much in love with the world to indulge in despair.

The 132-page book includes illustrations from original linocuts by Elizabeth Adams, and is beautifully printed on cream paper with a heavy, matte-varnished cover.

“In Bonta’s close, daily observations we are instructed in what still remains and what has gone missing. With spare language and his instinctive use of metaphor, Bonta demonstrates a consciousness willing to do battle with those who have, as he writes, pinned down Ice Mountain “with turbines / like a felled mammoth / the spears still quivering.” We should be thankful for such poems that remind us of the precious offering the world makes. I can’t think of anything better to do this winter than to follow this poet’s counsel and “get a bowl of fresh snow / not to eat but just to admire / like cut flowers.” ”

Todd Davis, author of Winterkill and In the Kingdom of the Ditch

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