Years ago I made  small videopoem for a lissa Kiernan poem I found on Qarrtsiluni’s ‘Animals in the city‘ issue.

Lissa was also one of the poets who reacted on a small call out I recently did on FB. She gave me a few poems to work with and did some readings for me. Is it the fact that I got these together, or something else, but both poems steered me in the direction of the use of cinématic footage (credit to Mazwai) evolving around a female figure. Although I used different pieces of footage from different creators, they seemed to belong together (or were brought together by Lissa’s poems)

I used compositions I have been working on for a CD release next year (more on that issue later) to go with her readings. Melancholy stuff with a strong sense of dusk and dawn…

I graded most footage to go with that mood and started editing the different pieces into a storyline. I used the same process for both poems and came up wth two video’s who belong together in a kind of diptych.

As Lissa said in a mail about these two;

Yes, I see them very much as a diptych! I notice the similarities in the details of single hands, the women, a return to “real life” scenes at the end of both. I also noticed some similarities in typography, I think…
So here are 5 AM and Daddy Dearest;

Daddy Dearest from Marc Neys (aka Swoon) on Vimeo.

5AM from Marc Neys (aka Swoon) on Vimeo.