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2 Lissa Kiernan poetry films ‘5AM’ and ‘Daddy Dearest’

Years ago I made  small videopoem for a lissa Kiernan poem I found on Qarrtsiluni’s ‘Animals in the city‘ issue. Lissa was also one of the poets who reacted on a small call out I recently did on FB. She gave […]

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Legs like a trellis / beine wie gitter

I am (slowly) getting back into the ‘videopoetry-making-game’ No pressure, just trying to pick up some skills. Making new work(s) Legs like a trellis / beine wie gitter is one of those new ones. The poem is by Tristan Marquardt (hat […]

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In the beginning of this year I made a new video to enter a few festivals in German. The collaboration between Sophie Reyer and me always comes naturally somehow. She sends me poems, recordings, music,… and I respond with more […]

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Howie Good wrote an awfully powerful poem, Aleppo. I read it in The Slag Review The moment I read it, I could not resist. And in one burst of creativity I created a soundpiece and video for it. It felt good making […]

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