I am (slowly) getting back into the ‘videopoetry-making-game’

No pressure, just trying to pick up some skills. Making new work(s)

Legs like a trellis / beine wie gitter is one of those new ones.
The poem is by Tristan Marquardt (hat tip to Sabine Scho for pointing me to his work)

I found some of his poems on Lyrikline and picked out ‘Beine wie gitter’

[beine wie gitter]

© kookbooks 2013
Aus: das amortisiert sich nicht. Gedichte
Berlin: kookbooks, 2013
Audioproduktion: Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, 2016

[legs like a trellis]

legs like a trellis, as if the trees had forgotten how to
walk. scrape at the bark, try to remember. as the
prisoner opened his mouth, natural science fell silent:
prepared foliage that spread across the facades, windows,
the finest air supplies for a zoology of plants. cells.
or clearings from above, the forest’s erogenous zones,
whose relocation entices you to stay: the tissues had
barely begun their sit-in when the outer layers started
sprouting leaves: the buildings’ skin, skinning, a tamed
green, pulled on its fur and kept on warming. protecting
the memory of pain. scarring over the opened sites.

I asked Tristan if it was ok to make a video and started composing a soundtrack around his reading.
(Great voice he has)
In the process of composing I got my first visual ideas. Split screen, juxtapose nature with pen writing,…
The footage of the pen writing comes from ASMRSURGE, the rest of the footage was shot by me (on various locations and occasions)

Legs like a trellis / beine wie gitter from Marc Neys (aka Swoon) on Vimeo.