My dear friends in videopoetry, Helen Dewberry and Chaucer Cameron have a new project to share with you all;

Poetry Film Live;

a collaboration with The Interpreter’s House poetry journal
to show some of the best and most inspiring film and video poetry
from the UK and around the world, by both new and established poets
and poetry filmmakers

Helen and Chaucer asked me if I had a video to share for their first issue and I decided to create a new video for it.
This poem by Paul Perry caught my eye before and having worked with Paul before, I asked him if I could use this for a new video.

I wanted the wrong things,
rushed about the world for them;
none of it brought me anything but pain.
I did not pray nor was I grateful for what was simple.
Today, my daughter sings to the spideog;
the garden is over-grown, wasps swarm the azalea
and a flower called self-heal blossoms in the corner
where we sat last night without talking.
Voices carry on the breeze,
the sound of a lawn-mower, and a church-bell ringing.
I stop, ask for help; I am not beyond that –
or writing about grief and repair.
So much is waiting to be done:
the sun reveals itself from the cloud-cover.
My body accepts the heat, and gratefully,
not even the siren in the distance can trouble me now,
but I wanted you to know this:
that if there were some salve for your pain,
some solace I could lend,
I would offer it to you willingly, and with love.

Paul made me a reading (he has this great darkbrown voice) and I composed a track for it.
The footage came from a typical ‘ASMR roleplay video’ by Kamen Whispers, but I thought it to be a perfect pairing with Paul’s poem.